Past mentee Testimonials


"Taking Kris Wimberly’s Storyboard Mentorship is one the best decisions I’ve made for my career in animation. My storyboarding and art skills have leveled up tremendously and my portfolio is now supercharged! You just can’t get the level of critique and focus in a traditional class that this one-on-one mentorship gives you. After completing this course, I truly feel that a successful career in animation is now in my hands - something I couldn’t have said 12 weeks ago!" - Jeff S.

“Kris’s mentorship helped me regain a lot of confidence I had lost in storyboarding. It is an intensive program, but at the end of it all, I came away with not just new knowledge about storyboarding but new friends made within the mentorship. I highly recommend this mentorship to anyone who is looking to further their storyboarding skills and enhance their cinematic ability.”
— Mike P.

I believe that my decision to take this mentorship has been monumental in helping me become a better storyboard artist.  Thanks to Kris’ expansive knowledge as a professional storyboard artist, I am more confident in my boarding abilities and have learned things they just don’t teach you in school.  He is extremely thorough and patient during his lectures and critiques, and he spares no minor detail.  Through this mentorship, I have also gained amazing connections with the other mentees who all agree we will continue to motivate and help each other beyond the 12-week program.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better, more passionate mentor.  If you’re even remotely considering it, just go for it!!  It’s more than worth it. - Michelle R.

“If you are truly passionate about breaking into Storyboarding for Television Animation, taking Kris’ mentorship is the right choice to make. Not only did he teach storyboard techniques used for TV storyboarding, but he extinguished burning questions, and tackled doubt, and insecurities that I had when it came to applying for, and working in a storyboarding position. He even gave advice about non-storyboarding specific topics. Kris is humble, and very easy to talk to, and I’m proud to have been his mentee.”
— Waymond S.

"I work professionally as a storyboard artist but felt there were gaps in my knowledge that Art School didn't cover. Over the summer I enrolled in Kris Wimberly's mentorship program and got the storyboarding boot camp experience of my dreams. Kris is a passionate and insightful teacher who has proven time and again to be an invaluable resource to new hands in the industry. His mentorship program has been masterfully designed to strengthen your storytelling abilities while working with you individually to build-up your unique creative voice. By the end of the 12 week program I had a heavy portfolio of relevant work that I was proud to put my name on. Highly recommended!!" - Tara H.

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do Kris’ Storyboard Mentorship! It was a challenging 12 weeks that really stretched my comfort zone and took my storyboarding knowledge and skills to a whole new level. I loved the structure of the course and depth of information covered. Everything is relevant to working in the animation industry today and I got so much insider info on working as a board artist. Another favourite aspect was the homework each week that gave me such a wide variety of challenges that I can now continue to work into my practice. It made the world of difference to have such a tailored course where I could ask a billion questions, and receive specific and thoughtful feedback every step of the way. Kris is such a passionate and driven person - I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor!  Each session left me so inspired and excited to learn more. I HIGHLY recommend this mentorship!" - Liana W.

“Kris’s experience and knowledge in storyboarding and tv animation is off the charts. He puts a ton of time, energy, and love into this mentorship, and it really shows.  My skills and confidence have skyrocketed since I began learning from Kris.  Do your self a favor and take advantage of this opportunity.”
— Darren H.