the mission

The goal of The Animation Network is to excite and inspire people interested in animation, answer burning questions specifically about TV animation, and share a colorful spectrum of experiences that lead industry pros to where they are today!

Industry professionals, Kris Wimberly & TAN Crew, reach out to their animation network to discuss the ins and outs, tips and tricks, broad strokes and nuances of network (TV) animation. For anyone feeling there is a missing ingredient to their art education, this is where they come to find it. By obtaining real-world, industry experience, subscribers to The Animation Network get a sense of working knowledge of a multitude of careers in animation simply by listening to the free podcast and signing up for each of the free platforms. Additionally, animation professionals themselves rave about the value of The Animation Network, giving them insight to avenues they know less about, and even expanding their own networks in animation. The whole idea is to help anyone in any part of the world come to know more about animation than the 3-5 jobs they always hear about, and become even more excited to find their part to play in an industry that contributed to shaping their lives.