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  • 8-Week Mentorship, First class will begin the week of Feb. 20 - Apr 14, 2017

Instructor - Shaun Bryant

Shaun Bryant is a character artist with over 8 years of industry experience. He's worked with various animation studios, including DreamWorks, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros.

Course Description

In this 8-week Online Television Character Design Course, Shaun Bryant will be sharing his design outlook and other skills that he has accumulated through his experience working on shows like “Dawn of the Croods”, “Wabbit”, “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and the brand new “Justice League Action”.

Each week you will join Shaun for a one-on-one mentorship session over Google Hangouts. Each 2 hour session will include a lecture, homework critiques, and time to go over any questions you have. He will also assign weekly exercises you can use, based on the lecture, that will help hone your design sensibilities.

This course will be fast-paced and aimed at filling in the gaps between knowing how the cartoon looks on the screen and knowing what it takes to get to that final product at TV standards and expectations.  At the end of the 8 weeks you will have a greater understanding of what is required of a character designer in a television production, and how to create an industry standard portfolio.

Lessons on various topics will include:

  • Design history and why it matters to YOU!

  • Principles of design & how to apply them

  • Proportions (when, why, & how to alter them!)

  • Gesture with feeling

  • Adaptation to different styles

  • Working in a TV production pipeline (includes a meet-up with Kris Wimberly’s Storyboard Mentorship!)

  • And much more!

This mentorship is for people who are serious about pursuing a career in animation and want to learn more about character design for television. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNING DRAWING CLASS.  We will be focusing on design above drawing skills.

If you are looking to create professional-level characters and a polished portfolio, this class is for you.


Materials List (Optional For Exercises)

  • A drawing program (i.e., Adobe Photoshop)

  • A Wacom Tablet (or equivalent)


To reserve a space, please email Kris Wimberly to get on the TAN priority list!