30-Minute Mentorship

This package is designed to give you direct access to a personal, 1-on-1 chat over Skype or Google Hangouts. 

During this half hour chat, you get a deep, realistic look at what's important for your path in animation! (Virtual meeting sessions are based on availability.) - $30

portfolio review

This package gives you an in-depth, honest look at your portfolio and how it stacks up to industry standards.

With this service, your portfolio will be reviewed by Kris Wimberly, who has helped dozens of artists across ALL disciplines get closer with every possible advantage. Your portfolio review will not only include the basics such as targeting problem areas in your craft, but also include useful tips like proper construction of your portfolio to best showcase your discipline, and advanced tips to compete with industry veterans for jobs. (Portfolio reviews are based on availability.)

  1. Basic - your portfolio review is via written email, targeting 3 biggest problem areas! (Review completed in 5-7 days)

  2. Advanced - your portfolio review is via written email, targeting up to 5 of your biggest problem areas and includes draw-overs and in-depth explanations. (Review completed in 5-7 days)

  3. Premium - your portfolio review is via Skype, addresses all problem areas, includes real-time draw-overs with explanations, and includes Q&A discussion of your work and goals. (Review by appointment only and lasts for one hour - can be booked up to two hours at a time.)

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Resume & Cover Letter Reveiw

This package is perfect for tightening up your resume and/or cover letter for job and internship opportunities. 

We will examine your resume and cover letters via email, unlocking the best ways to showcase your skill sets and organize the information tailored to the opportunity you're after despite your lack of experience! With tons of internship, job, and hiring experience, we're set to help maximize your application efforts!


Creative Consultant Package

This is the perfect supplement to your artistic vision to take your project to the next level! Tap into Kris Wimberly's years of experience in project development and pitching intellectual properties.

Purchase of this package entitles you to Kris Wimberly's creative guidance, suggestions and input on any of your projects and intellectual properties. Based on the number of hours you choose in your package, you can break your sessions into as many small or large chunks as you'd like, until the number of hours you paid for have been met. Before starting your first session, arrangements will be made to preserve your ideas as your own and NOT entitle Kris to any creative credit, nor credit as a partner. Sessions can be carried out via email, Skype/Google Hangouts (based on availability), or in-person (based on availability and depending on your geographical location). Purchases can be made in multiples to combine number of hours for packages that don't exist as prepackaged sessions (i.e. Three 1-hour packages to equal one 3-hour session, or one 5-hour package plus one 1-hour package to equal a 6-hour package, which can be broken up into three separate 2-hour sessions if desired). 

**PURCHASING THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESS OF YOUR MATERIAL. Purchase of this package is purely intended to enhance the merits of your project, and may be used as guidance to prepare for pitching your intellectual properties (IP's). Kris Wimberly assumes no responsibility for the outcome of any IP pitch, success or failure of any projects, or rate of any sales for any and all materials covered through purchase of this Creative Consultant Package.


Breaking into Animation Workshop

Spend an afternoon with Kris as he covers effective tips and strategies on how to exponentially increase your chances to break into the animation industry!

(No seats available at this time. Please check back later!)

Pitching Intellectual Properties Workshop

Spend an afternoon with industry professional, Kris Wimberly, discussing how to effectively pitch and sell your show ideas to your favorite studios!

(No seats available at this time. Please check back later!)

1-on-1 Storyboard Mentorship

Join Kris Wimberly in a submersive 1-on-1 mentorship opportunity as he takes you by the hand through nearly 10 years of current, professional television animation industry experience in 12 solid weeks!

This curriculum is complete with in-depth lectures, thorough walk-through demos, and even homework assignments, so that YOU get the most out of the experience! This mentorship is not just videos that you download, but a weekly virtual class built into your schedule! Plus, because it's one-on-one teaching, there's plenty of room to speed up or slow down, and even ask questions! (Can't do that with videos!)

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Spaces will re-open May 26th, 2017!

T.A.N. Membership

Become an Exclusive Member of The Network with this set monthly package!

Here, you can get ALL the benefits listed above to help you on your path! With this low monthly membership, you're set apart from the rest by receiving set, guaranteed time slots throughout each month for your personalized guidance and huge discounts on everything we offer!

Membership includes:

  1. Two 30-minute private check-ins (via Skype w/ Kris) at set guaranteed time slots every month! ($60 value)
  2. One quarterly Advanced Portfolio Review (see above description) ($25 value)
  3. 30% off any T.A.N. event or workshop
  4. 10% off at merchandise at the Pop Secret Gallery where the podcast is recorded
  5. Free, high-quality T.A.N. tee-shirt! 

No contracts. Cancel any time!


$250/6 months


All slots currently filled. Please check back soon!