Submissions due june 18th! 

mentees announced june 23rd, Mentorships start june 30th!

Introducing the next round of Storyboard Mentorships!

As a quick reminder: 
     1) this is NOT a "teach-me-how-to-draw" class, it is a cinematic and visual
         storytelling course
     1) this is a 1-on-1 virtual mentorship, meaning: we meet up once a
         week for a couple hours (via Skype or Google Hangouts), and it will just
         be the two of us!
     2) you should have a pretty strong feeling that storyboarding is for you, not            just curious to see if you like it because this will be an intensive program            in which I cram years of knowledge into 12 weeks

Listed below is a sample of what you can expect during the 12 weeks. A few of the topics we will cover include:
        • storyboarding history & philosophies
        • basic shots, angles and terminology
        • "good stuff" vs. "bad stuff" theories
        • feature vs. TV/comedy vs. action/script vs. board driven storyboards
        • staging & composition
        • cinematic rules & guidelines
        • understanding acting
        • keys to storyboard revisions
        • cheats, tricks, and tactics
        • portfolio building
And lots, LOTS more! Bear in mind that each week will also have homework assignments so that YOU get the most of what you're learning on a weekly basis. Also, each session is based on 2-hour blocks of time: an hour for discussion and homework review, and an hour for lecture and on-screen, real-time demonstrations!

It's going to be jam-packed, but here's the point of it all: nearly all storyboard classes and workshops are geared toward belting out the information and building blocks, but THIS mentorship will show you exactly how to use them. The whole goal is that you walk away with TWO high-end portfolio pieces and a completely revamped, industry standard portfolio to showcase storyboarding proficiency! There will be plenty of hand-holding, but certainly lots of pushing for growth! In fact, here's a testimonial of someone who took this same mentorship last time it was offered: 

"If you are truly passionate about breaking into Storyboarding for Television Animation, taking Kris' mentorship is the right choice to make. Not only did he teach storyboard techniques used for TV storyboarding, but he extinguished burning questions, and tackled doubt, and insecurities that I had when it came to applying for, and working in a storyboarding position. He even gave advice about non-storyboarding specific topics. Kris is humble, and very easy to talk to, and I'm proud to have been his mentee." - Waymond S.

If you're ready to jump on this, feel free to start the submission process at any time! Here's the cost and how to submit:

Mentorship Package - $1,500 (due by 1st class)

Submission requirements:

  • a link to your online portfolio (will not accept physical portfolios)
  • a short 1-page cover letter (why are you seeking this mentorship?)
  • a 15-panel sample storyboard from one of the 3 prompts (at the bottom of this page)
  • remember only 5 seats available this session!

Be sure to have those 3 pieces (link to portfolio, short cover letter, storyboard sample) sent to  NO LATER THAN June 18th, 2017 @ 11:59pm PST. Decisions will be made and announced by June 23rd.

On June 23rd, we will set up ALL of your own personalized mentorship/workshop day and time for each week. The mentorships and workshops will begin June 30th (also when payment is due)!

Any questions, comments or concerns? PLEASE don't hesitate to reach me at! I would love to clarify anything that's not working for you. After all, this mentorship IS for you!

Hope to work with you this summer!

**Life Tip: Not sure you have the time for this? Not sure you can scrounge up the dough to pay for this puppy? SUBMIT ANYWAY. Submitting is free and no commitment. Plus, if you don't submit, then you have no options. Just like college, if you submit and get chosen, you can always decline if you still don't think you can work it out. You have nothing to lose!


**Storyboard Sample Prompts**
1) "guy walks into a bar" joke (keep it clean)
2) over heard conversation
3) "first time i ever..."