advanced storyboard tips for tv animation!


class date: nov 03, 2018

2-5pm (Los Angeles Time)

Thanks to all those who expressed interest for this workshop on twitter!

A few quick notes: 
     1) this is NOT a "teach-me-how-to-draw" class, it is a cinematic and visual storytelling course
     2) this is NOT an introduction to storyboards, we will not spend much time catching up on basics
     3) this is a VIRTUAL workshop, we will meet up using a special Google Meet link for the class

Listed below is a sample of what to expect during the THREE HOUR workshop. A few of the topics we will cover include:

        • how to tell a beginner (don’t do these things!)

        • why some of your choices don’t work

• Acting and posing

        • quick solutions to get un-stuck

        • how to choose your moments

        • understanding the space and your camera

    • tackling your pre-submitted questions

        • review a few submitted samples (anonymously)

        • live demo of a sample board from start to finish

If you’re curious about my teaching style, please feel free to read comments from past students!

click here to read real reviews!

Tickets are $100USD for admission to 3-hour class.

First 25 people will receive 2 official tv industry scripts with character designs for use in their portfolio!!!

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Any questions, comments or concerns? Don't hesitate to email me directly at!